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Friday, October 31, 2008

They’re Cute… But They Have To Be Killed!

I see them scampering in the corners of my eyes… when I’m eating… when I’m watching TV… when I’m on the computer… when I go down the stairs… even when I’m washing the dishes.

But if my wife don’t mention about seeing any, I just keep my mouth shut since my wife is petrified of these little critters. I think she’s suffering from musophobia/murophobia/suriphobia as she trembles when she sees one of these things, even if it’s already trapped or dead.

But then, we started seeing tiny black poopies all over the house… and almost every night, since Tuesday, my wife would rush to where I’m at saying that she saw one somewhere and asks me to set up traps.

Our weapon-of-choice… fly paper.

They’re quite messy, the fly paper I mean, but when you get used to handling them like I have, they work like a charm. And, believe it or not, I never use any bait. All I do is place them in dark corners of the house, on the floor and against the wall, and wait.

I have countless times been tempted in using “Dora” (rat/mouse poison), but every time I would think of the possibility that they would die in the ceiling or inside the walls and we wouldn’t know about it before they start to rot and stink… and once they do, getting them out would not be easy.

Whereas, with the fly paper, I would just retrieve it from wherever when it’s already caught something, roll it up (wrapping the critter with it), wrap it all up with packing tape for good measures, and throw it in the trash.

In a period of 24 hours, I was able to catch four of them. And, just this morning, less than an hour after I’ve set up a new batch of traps (and a few minutes after I left the house), I received a text message from my wife saying that one of the traps has caught another one.

Here’s casualty #1, caught last Wednesday evening:

And here are casualties numbers 2, 3, and 4, all caught yesterday:

I still have yet to retrieve the one caught this morning… I'll do that when I get home later. That would be casualty number 5.


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