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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mamang Sorbetero

For how much longer are we going to see these on our streets? Magnolia used to sell their twin-popsies, ice cream cups, drumsticks, and pinipigs in these also, but instead of ice and salt, Magnolia carts used dry ice to keep the icy treats they contain from melting. And instead of having stainless drums inside the carts to contain the ice cream (like the ones inside the sorbetes carts), the Magnolia carts are basically iceboxes on wheels in which the icy goodies are stacked and arranged amongst the tablets of dry ice (which are about the size of a small plate and are individually wrapped in a sort of brown colored paper).

Also, the Magnolia carts had only a small square hole on top (less than a square foot, I think) as access to the cart’s cold chamber which is kept sealed by a heavy-looking square insulated cover (as compared to the rectangular covers of the sorbets carts which, when lifted, exposes the three stainless drums inside). And what beautiful and simple packaging Magnolia had that time… which reminds me, I miss the Magnolia mascot (the one that looks like a cloud/clump of cotton).

Enough about Magnolia… I still remember the time when 5 pesos bought me enough ice cream to fill a mug almost to the brim. My father once told me about a game that the sorbteros near their school used to offer children/students to play, though, I don’t know if many sorbetros of the time did this. The game went like this… the sorbetero would ask his customer to wedge a coin in his/her palm (in magician lingo, they call it "palming") and hold his/her hand out with his palm (and the coin) facing down. The sorbetero would then touch the exposed face of the coin and guess which face it was. If the sorbetero guessed wrong, the kid would get a free cone of ice cream. My father, being the mischievous kid that he was, would step on his coin and rub it against the pavement first before going to the sorbetero to up his chances of getting his freebie.

Anyway, I don’t like the “modern” ice cream carts as far as aesthetics is concerned. Oh, and also the tunes they play which I find rather annoying. Though, they are more “humane”, so to speak.

Let's sing a song, shall we?

Mamang Sorbetero
by Celeste Legaspi

mamang Sorbetero, Anong Ngalan Mo
tinda Mong Ice Cream, Gustung-Gusto Ko
init Ng Buhay, Pinapawi Mo
sama Ng Loob, Nalilimutan Ko

mamang Sorbetero, Tayo'y Sumayaw
kalembang Mong Hawak, Muling Ikaway
batang Munti, Sa 'yo'y Naghihintay
bigyang Ligaya Ngayong Tag-Araw

masdan Ang Ulap Sa Himpapawid
korteng Sorbetes Sa Pisngi Ng Langit
mata Ng Dalaga'y Nananaginip
mayro'ng Sikretong Nasasaisip

mainit Na Labi, Nagbabagang Mata
sunog Na Pag-Ibig, Parang Awa Mo Na
mamang Sorbetero, O, Nasaan Ka
init Ng Buhay, Pawiin Mo Na

[Repeat Chorus]

la La La La La...
la La La La La...

[Repeat Chorus]

la La La La La...
la La La La La...
[Repeat While Fading]


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