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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Toy Story 3 - Saying It's "Great" is an Understatement

I have been a fan of Toy Story from the first movie. As a matter of fact, it's way up there on my list as one of the best films I've EVER seen. The second one may not have been as good, but since I have already grown attached to the characters, I was able to enjoy it nevertheless.

I've kept myself (quite well) informed of the happenings between Pixar and Disney, including the news about John Lasseter not directing the film. Because of this, I was pretty much sold to the idea that Toy Story 3 will almost certainly disappoint. But still, my anticipation grew.

Then came today, the day the film is finally shown in cinemas... and we were among the first ones to see it, my son and I.

You know what? I've never felt this satisfied after seeing a movie!

Comparing it to the two previous installations, Toy Story 3 is (in my opinion) more mature (with regards of the plot and antics) and much heavier in the emotions department. But, aside from that, all I can say is it's a WONDERFUL movie (that is an understatement, by the way).

If Toy Story will remain a trilogy, I wouldn't want it to end in any other way. Kudos to Michael Arndt for the great story.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Playing PAC-MAN on Google's Homepage

I played PAC-MAN on Google's homepage! I'm not kidding! You may want to try it, it might just still be available. Good thing I have something here to capture my screen. Here's my game, saved for posterity. :D

P.S. Google did this in celebration of PAC-MAN's 30th anniversary. That goes without saying that we're talking of the REAL PAC-MAN here and not Manny Pacquiao. :P

* * * * *


Here's the two-player version.

To play the two-player version, click on the Insert Coin button twice.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Google's New Search Result Page

Google has rolled out their new search result page just a few minutes ago. The most noticeable change being the search options (at least some of it) being permanently visible on the left side of the page.

Google's new search result page layout May 5, 2010

Compared to the previous version, you need to click on the More options link to see the search options.

Google's previous search result page layout May 5, 2010

Google's previous search result page layout May 5, 2010
Another is the list of results labeled as "Top Links" which appears to the right of the main results when you select the "Latest" option.

Google's new search result page layout May 5, 2010
Seems like SEOs have a new nut to crack. :)

IMO, the new design looks very nice, it's much more pleasing to the eye than the previous one. I wonder what else it does differently.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Manila - Then and Now

Monday, February 15, 2010

No More Support For Microsoft's Internet Explorer

Heads up Microsoft Internet Explorer users, YouTube will soon phase out support for your browser.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The World is About To Get EVEN Smaller

It's been a while... how have y'all been doing? Hope things are going great with you...

Here's a quick one... saw this on Times Online today:

Google Leaps Language Barrier with Translator Phone

"GOOGLE is developing software for the first phone capable of translating foreign languages almost instantly — like the Babel Fish in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

By building on existing technologies in voice recognition and automatic translation, Google hopes to have a basic system ready within a couple of years. If it works, it could eventually transform communication among speakers of the world’s 6,000-plus languages."

To read more, click here.


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