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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More Shell-Ferrari Collectibles!

I first heard of Shell’s latest promo from my friend, Arnel, some time last week, and being the Ferrari fanatic that I am, I made it my mission to get one of those really neat key chains over the weekend.

And, guess what… I managed to get not one but two of them! One on Saturday and another on Sunday! They are BEAUTIFUL!

Though, when I first got my hands on the F2007 last Saturday, I was somewhat disappointed because I was expecting it to be bigger than what I had in my hands… also, I was looking at it under dim lights so I didn’t see its beauty at the time.

But, upon reaching home, and upon further inspection, what I saw motivated me to get them all (which led to my purchasing a second one the following day, the “Ferrari 156 F1”).

The details are SUPERB considering how small they are! And I’ve read somewhere that they’re made of “pure chrome”, though I don’t know how true that claim is as there are no such claims/indications on the packaging (well, I can’t find any).

Have I mentioned that the details are wonderful?

And, because I have a Citibank-Shell card, I got them for only 49 pesos a piece (regular price is 99 pesos).

I hope I’ll be able to get more this coming weekend… my target this time is the F50… though it would be better if I can get them all. ;)


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