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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Of Titsers and Apols…

What happened to “guro”? How about pisara and kwaderno?

Was it really necessary to change them to “titser”, “blakbord”, and “notbuk”?

“Pabliser” for “publisher”? “Palisi” for “policy”? “Riserts” for “research”?

I don’t know how these changes came to be, but I find it rather silly, really.

Are we just a few years away from “frut”, “vedstabol”, “fis”, “mit”, and “rais”? From “apol”, “greyps”, “oreynds”, and “manggo”? From “tsarts”, “skul”, “ofis”, “siti hol”, and “mol”? From “wok”, “ran”, “dyam”, and “nil”? From “ay”, “yu”, “hi”, and “dey”?

And what about the “bumibigat na ang trapiko” that we keep on hearing traffic reporters say on TV and on the radio? Is the Filipino language THAT shallow that they have to translate almost verbatim how it is said in English? “Bumibigat”?! You must be kidding me!

Then add to that the “text speak” that’s become very popular… “d2 n me”, “wer n u”, “pnta n aq”…



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