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Friday, October 17, 2008

Mangan Ta Na!

Finally, after so many failed attempts at finding out what the fuss was all about!

As a small celebration for our son’s birthday, my wife, my son, and I went to Razon’s (in Banawe, Quezon City, near the corner of Maria Clara) after dinner last night and feasted on their popular Halo-Halo.

Well, I’m not so sure about what I’m going to say about it… yes, it is true that it’s quite delicious, but I sort of find it overly simple and rather pricey (at 73 pesos a serving) considering its simplicity.

How simple? Well, all it had were bits and slices of sweetened banana, strings of macapuno (sweetened coconut meat), leche flan, milk, and shaved ice… uh… yeah, that’s about it.

Though, I should mention, the shaved ice is superbly fine and smooth (as in pinong-pino) and their sweetened banana has a distinct taste and texture which I have never experienced before… but then again, it’s not something that will make your eyes widen in delight, it’s quite subtle, really… but still different.

And, although simple as it may be, it still has that typical halo-halo taste (in my opinion, all halo-halo taste quite the same) which, I think, will be able to satisfy anyone’s craving for this “mixed-up” dessert.

By the way, according to a sign on the wall, Razon’s traces its history to as far back as 1908, crediting the recipe of the now famous Razon’s halo-halo to Sersia Juan (“Apung Sersia”) … I wish it went into more detail than that.


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