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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What Will Tomorrow Bring?

What lies ahead of him, he wondered, aside from the stretch of concrete pavement that, if his view wasn’t obstructed by trees and people, would narrow to a pinpoint in the horizon?

His shadow fell to his right on the concrete sidewalk and down to the asphalt-paved road, stretching to about twice his height.

Everything around him was bathed in the descending sun’s golden light. The sky was devoid of clouds except for a few thin flossy ones that appeared motionless. A gentle breeze blew from his left, carrying with it the briny smell of the sea.

Aside from the noise coming from the vehicular traffic whizzing past him, the air was filled with the sound of waves crashing against the sea wall.

Often times, he would bask in the beauty of it all… but, not this time.

With no particular destination in mind, he walked, slowly, with his eyes affixed to an unseen mark on the pavement that seem to always be a few feet ahead of him.

Stripped of all his optimism, he repeated to himself silently, “What lay ahead?”


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