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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I’m a kid again…

Whenever there’s a need to make a not-so-important decision, I would oftentimes look for signs to aid me in my decision making.

But never have I received as many clear signs and as much encouragement as I did last Wednesday.

Well, technically, I have already made my decision that time… that I would buy myself a toy. And I’ve gotten the necessary “permit” to do so from my wife.

It’s been a long while since I last bought myself anything, really, so it was quite a big thing for me and I was feeling quite uneasy about it. I had been thinking whether or not I should really make it happen as it involves quite a sum of money.

Then, along came December 17 (last Wednesday)…

Talks about the December 18 release of our “paluwagan” were still going around at the office and I had zero balance in my ATM account. I was looking forward to the coming Saturday (December 20) as that was the day I was thinking of making my purchase (while I thought whether or not I was going to follow through with my plans).

Then, some time in the afternoon, someone told me that our money from the “paluwagan” has already been released… what a pleasant surprise!

A couple of hours later, my good friend Arnel received a call from his fiancée telling him to proceed to the Greenhills Shopping Center after work as her cousin was planning on buying the same thing I was thinking of buying. Arnel already has one, by the way, and his fiancée’s cousin needed his know-hows and know-whats.

So, Arnel asked me if I want to come along and do some canvassing. It took me a while, but I eventually decided to do so. I needed Arnel’s know-hows and know-whats, too.

The clock struck six and we immediately packed our things and left for Greenhills. We took the MRT, by the way, and got off at the Santolan station. Since there were no jeepneys when we got there, we decided to walk to Greenhills from the station.

To keep a long story short, what was intended to be just window shopping turned into an actual purchase.

I now present to you, my new toy…


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