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Thursday, November 27, 2008

The New Noel

No-El, No-El, her supporters did say
HR five fifty seeks for extended stay.
In the guise of a dance, intentions they keep,
Ortega first denied but later did speak.
No-El? No-El? No-El? No-El?
Mandanas did seem to tell so well.

Bowing down, he prayed, unlike any friar,
a grace heard by men beyond them far.
Surprised at what she heard, with both eyes alight
"Oh my God" from her mouth was seen taking flight.
No-El? No-El? No-El? No-El?
Dureza did seem to tell so well.

Not to be, without support, Enrile did say,
the Congress and people a big role will play.
Palace wants no change to the Charter this time…
prayer’s only a wish, bother’s not worth a dime.
No-El? No-El? No-El? No-El?
“Nay” said Enrile, and that he did tell.

Fourth complaint is in the bin, and Casiño did find
her allies played being all deaf, mute, and blind.
Committee had voted forty two against eight
Saying substance in case is inadequate.
No-El? No-El? No-El? No-El?
Who knows what all these may possibly spell.

Ermita later spoke to the media and said
that the Congress’s ruling should be respected.
What’s in store, what’s to be, in two thousand ten?
Speculations abound, concerns have risen.
No-El? No-El? No-El? No-El?
Who knows what all these may possibly spell.

So let us all with one accord
Pray for the best from our loving Lord
That hath made Heaven and earth of nought
And with his blood mankind has bought.
No-El? No-El? No-El? No-El?
Pray to the King of Israel!


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