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Monday, November 17, 2008

The 42nd International Bazaar

Let’s say you’ve got a major event, an event about twice the size of, let’s say, ABS-CBN’s Grand Kapamilya Negosyo Fair… an event which will be participated by delegates from various Embassies… and one which, at some point, will be graced by Ambassadors/Ambassadresses of and dignitaries from various countries (all under one roof, all at the same time).

How’d you handle that?

At the 42nd International Bazaar (held yesterday at the PICC Forums 1, 2, and 3, at the CCP Complex), EVERYONE was allowed in, provided that he/she has an entry ticket (sold for 100 pesos each) and that he/she subjects himself/herself to a fairly fast and simple security check.

There were no bouncers with bulging chests and biceps anywhere in the bazaar grounds (like the ones seen at the Grand Kapamilya Negosyo Fair). There were no sudden changes in admission rules even with so many people in attendance. There were no over-reactive security personnel (and procedures) even if there were some high-priced items on display in some booths like pieces of jewelry and exquisite furniture pieces.

And unlike the people coming out of the Negosyo Fair, people coming out of the Bazaar seemed to have a cheerful glow on their faces.

It was one of the finest, most well-organized, pleasant, and fun events I’ve been to, I must say.

Some of the countries/embassies that took part in the bazaar were Thailand, Korea, Italy, France, Holland, Switzerland, New Zealand, Iran, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, India, and Spain… there were wines, cheeses, chocolate/sweets, leather products, perfume, furniture, clothing items, jewelry, ornaments, and many MANY other things. There were also several local exhibitors selling local products.

I’ve heard that there’s going to be a sort of repeat of this bazaar some time in December at the World Trade Center.


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