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Friday, November 14, 2008

Angels and Demons Trailer

I got to see the Angels & Demons trailer a couple of nights ago on Apple Trailers… and… let’s just say I’m getting more excited about the movie.

The intro of the trailer was pretty stunning… it starts with a fly-by aerial view of the St. Peter’s Square coming from the back of St. Peter’s Basilica then pans and zooms in to a statue of an angel which, after a flash of lightning turns into a statue of a demon. The scene is made to look like it was filmed at a time when a papal conclave was in progress as a cloud of black smoke is seen rising from the chimney of, what I suppose is, the Sistine Chapel during the fly-by shot.

(Note: Obviously, the introductory scene is computer generated and a very nice one at that... but, have you noticed anything wrong about it?)

By the way, there’s also a narration on this scene which, I’m assuming, is spoken by a member of the Illuminati. I would have been more specific as to the speaker’s probable identity if the story is still fresh in my mind… unfortunately, it’s been a while since I read the book and I have already forgotten all of the characters and much of the details of the story.

Anyway, the introductory scene is then followed by a series of clips from the movie (each shown for only split seconds) showing Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) with shorter hair, a smoking branding iron, and a helicopter landing on St. Peter’s Square among many other bits and pieces.

The series of clips was then followed by a shining and spinning Illuminati ambigram which I enjoyed very much seeing again.

I really hope that the movie will do justice to the superior novel (in comparison to Da Vinci Code) it’s based on.

I also hope that this movie will not be given the X rating like Da Vinci Code was. It’s fiction for Pete’s sake!


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