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Saturday, November 15, 2008

ABS-CBN's Grand Kapamilya Kalokohan Fair

Oh... I mean Grand Kapamilya Negosyo Fair

Thinking that we'll be able to get some nice leads to an extra source of income, my wife and I (along with our son and her eldest sister--yes, she came back this morning) went to the "Grand Kapamilya Negosyo Fair" at the World Trade Center this afternoon.

As we were walking through the parking lot heading towards the main entrance, we saw a bunch of people (various groups) with a somewhat gloomy look on their faces... I jokingly told my wife "parang ang lulungkot ng mga mukha ng mga lumalabas galing diyan ah" ("The people coming from there seem to have sad looks on their faces")

Upon reaching the front of the building, I was quite surprised to see the size of the crowd inside... it was huge... a vast sea of people gathered in front of the registration booths waiting and wanting to get in.

Then things started to turn ugly...

As I reached the end of a considerably long line leading to the entrance, I overheard a lady ask a security guard "Bakit daw hindi pinapapasok ang mga bata?" ("Why are they not allowing children to get in?") But since the line was moving quite fast, I never got to hear what the guard's answer was.

As my son and I reached the main entrance... a lady guard told me coldly and in a manner that sounded very much like a reminder "Hanggang dito lang yung bata ha" ("the child will only be allowed in this area") as she made hand gestures to point to me the area she was referring to.

By that time, I was actually already fuming mad. But since my wife has countless times asked me to keep my temper in check, I just stood there silently, holding my son close to me as I waited for my wife and her sister to get through the entrance.

I eventually decided that I would stay with my son at the lobby and let my wife and her sister see what's inside.

As the two ladies where falling in line for the registration, I heard some commotion coming from the entrance of the fair. There I saw this fairly young lady, a mother, having a heated discussion with security officials.

Still not knowing the reason why they wouldn't allow children to go inside, I went closer to where the altercation was happening and listened in.

And this is what I found out...

The planners/organizers of the fair suddenly (just today, after they saw the huge crowd) decided that they will not allow children under the age of seven to get in as precautionary measures such that in case of something bad happening, THEY will not have a hard time vacating the area.

I thought to myself, "Quite acceptable, considering what happened in ULTRA some time ago..."

So there we were, my son and I, along with several other kids and guardians, wandering aimlessly around the lobby like flies on a huge repugnant piece of poop.

And as time went by, I grew more and more pissed...

What really infuriated me was that there were no chairs at all for the poor souls that were denied access to the oh-so-GRAND fair! There's not even a clearly designated area for the likes of us! So, if you've got a child with you who's younger than seven years old, you're doomed!

Making a decision like that on the day of the event is just absurd! Stupid even.

You know why the lady I mentioned earlier was blowing her top off? She called the Fair's hotline yesterday to ask if infants are allowed in the Fair, to which she was told "yes". She also asked how much an infant's ticket cost, and she was told that infants can go in for free.

There was also this other, older, lady who was making a scene at the Information counter. At one point, she asked the people at the counter why nothing was mentioned in the ads about it. A guy told her (in an a$-holey manner) "hindi ho kasi namin inaasahan na ganito karami ang pupunta eh" ("we didn't expect having this many people").

Then she lashed at the guy "Bulok ang pagpapaplano niyo! Mga tanga kayo!" ("Your planning stinks! You guys are stupid!")

I agreed (and still agree) with her.

After about 45 minutes or so, my wife and her sister emerged from the fair and was welcomed by my terminator look. She asked me if I wanted to go in... as disappointed and frustrated as I was, I decided not to.

I then asked her if she was able to get any flyers or brochures to which she replied "Eh puro naman gluta gluta sa loob saka crystal clear at kung anu-anong pagkain... at, kalahati lang naman ng loob ang may laman..."

And so... we left.


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