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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Madagascar Escape 2 Africa

I’m still depressed… and I think my preoccupation in fooling myself into thinking that I was having the time of my life inside the IMAX Theater while watching the movie has muddled my opinion about the movie. So allow me to include some second-hand opinions.

My son enjoyed it quite a lot and my wife thinks the first movie was better (period)

Not that it matters now (or ever), but I never liked the character designs that much (with the exception of “Moto-Moto” in this one).

The old lady who beat Alex (the Lion) to a pulp at the train station in the first movie appears again in this one. I thought she was funny in the first movie, but she’s very annoying in this one. For me, she’s become a joke that’s been stretched well beyond the limits of its effectiveness that she lost all her charm. But that, I think, is the worst I have to say about the movie.

The story is generally okay… though somewhat weak in some parts. And some of the jokes were quite funny.

Alec Baldwin was very effective such that I developed a disliking for his character, “Makunga”, from the moment he first appeared on screen.

And, as I’ve already mentioned, “Moto-Moto” is very likeable, from his “design” to his personality.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars.
Short description: So-so…


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