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Monday, September 29, 2008


Not only was I able to push through with my plans last Saturday (September 27, 2008), I was also able to go about my itinerary at (almost) the exact time I’ve set for each destination, considering that I had to go slightly out of my way to buy something for my wife..

Talk about a well-planned project.

At first, it seemed things were going to go down the drain as rain started to fall as I was about to leave the house. But, as I was nearing my first destination, the rain stopped falling and the sky turned brighter (but still cloudy).

I got to my first destination at around 7:00 am (as planned) and started my journey.

It took me close to seven hours traveling no less than 10 kilometers on foot without any break (except for lunch) to cover all the destinations I’ve set in my itinerary.

My journey came to a VERY satisfying, albeit painful, end at around 2:00 pm.

Although my legs were numb and my feet were hurting (with a couple of blisters here and there), I was very happy. They still hurt, by the way.

Now I have enough materials to blog about for a whole month. :)

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