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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hard Nipples

Our house-help left a couple of weeks ago, so we have the entire house all to ourselves (yep, the three of us). And, along with that, we have to do everything by ourselves.

Well, the distribution of chores is quite unequal since I am at the office during most of the day, but I try to contribute/do as much as I can when I get home from work, and it’s QUITE gratifying! :)


After being sucked on repeatedly and endlessly (and ferociously at that), I can’t believe they’re still hard!

And as such, they’re very hard to turn inside out… especially with soapy hands!

I’m talking about my son’s milk-bottles’ nipples, by the way.

I still can’t understand why they feel so greasy (particularly the inside) after being fed on… and I’m not bothering to Google about it!



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