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Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Preciousssssss...

I’ve been collecting all sorts of things since I was very young… stamps, records, comic books, toys, trading cards, newspaper clippings, magazines, old paper money, old coins, and a whole bunch of other things, including many things that most people would probably consider as junk. And, every time I would decide to include something to my ever-growing collection(s), I’d always think that someday I might be able to make a fortune out of it.

But, somehow, I seem incapable of letting go of anything from my collection… so much so that I am still regretting having sold my near-mint copy of X-Men #1 [1991(?) with the complete fold-/spread-out cover] when I was still in high school… siiiiigh…

I’ve been approached by two different persons in two different occasions offering to buy two different items from my collection… one was offering to buy an old book (which I bought from National Bookstore’s “Previously Owned Books” for P150.00) for P1,500.00 (even after I told him how much I got it for)… the other was going for an old comic book…

I declined both offers (without even a second of thought).

Hmmm… how do I put it… They’re miiiiiine!!! Look but don’t touch! If something bad happens to them I’ll kill you!

They’re all my preciousesesssss… hehehe…

Among the numerous and ever growing number of items I have in my collection(s), there are a handful which I consider the MOST precious of all (though, not necessarily the ones with the highest monetary value… not that I have any plans of selling them. I can’t and I wouldn’t… I just wouldn’t!).

I’ll let them speak for themselves…

Danielle Fishel – I was a fan of the show “Boy Meets World” before, and I thought she was adorable. :)

Danielle Fishel
Pat Boone (left) and Alicia Silverstone (right)

Pat Boone (left) and Alicia Silverstone (right)
The Simpsons (left) and Johnny Mathis (right) – I get MISTY while looking at these. The Simpsons is not signed though.

The Simpsons (left) and Johnny Mathis (right)
Tim “The ‘Toolman’ Taylor” Allen (top-left), Ben Savage (bottom-left, also from the show “Boy Meets World” and the younger brother of Fred Savage from the show “Growing Years”), Phil Collins (top-right), and Dean Cain (bottom-right) – Except for Phil Collins, all are hand-signed on the reverse side.

Tim Allen (top-left), Ben Savage (bottom-left), Phil Collins (top-right), and Dean Cain (bottom-right)
Luciano Pavarotti (left), Harrison Ford (top-right), and Christina Ricci (bottom-right) – I can’t figure out if the Harrison Ford and Christina Ricci photos were hand-signed (having a hard time looking for “tell-tale” signs), but Pavarotti’s definitely is! (May he rest in peace…) However, I still can’t decipher the word he wrote above his signature… but I suspect it’s Italian.

Luciano Pavarotti (left), Harrison Ford (top-right), and Christina Ricci (bottom-right)
Steven Spielberg – I am quite certain that this was not hand signed (about 95%)… but the letter that came along with it is simply wonderful (even though it’s a form letter)

Steven Spielberg
Soledad O’Brien (left) and Marisa Tomei (right) – at that time, Soledad O’Brien was an anchor at “The Site”… I was a huge fan of the show, and it was that show that taught me how to work with HTML.

Soledad O’Brien (left) and Marisa Tomei (right)
Bruce Willis (top-left), John Goodman (bottom-left), and Michelle Kwan (right)

Bruce Willis (top-left), John Goodman (bottom-left), and Michelle Kwan (right)
Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller
So you see, many of these have my name on them… THEY gave ME these… they “spoke” to me on a personal level! I suppose by now you understand why I wouldn’t ever part with them.

Okay, let’s face it… even IF I wanted to sell them (which, I repeat, I WOULDN'T), I wouldn’t be able to command high prices for some of these because they have my name written on them (unless, I think, I’d become as famous as they are).

Anyway, I received the first one (from Danielle Fishel) on February 8, 1996 and the last one (from Shannon Miller) on February 24, 1999.

Suddenly I’m reminded that I should find a better holding place for them real soon as the cheap photo album they’re stored in right now will surely (albeit slowly) damage them over time.


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