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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Revisiting My Wish-List from November 29, 2007

During my recent blog-hopping activity, I came across a blog whose author has already given up on “The Secret”. This reminded me of the post I made on November 29, 2007, so…

Just consider this as an update on that post (which I’ve mention, but forgotten until now, I’d do).

So far I still haven’t got anything from my list. Does this mean “The Secret” doesn’t work? Well, I don’t want to think that because my wishes might just be around some corner now and they might disappear entirely if I stop “believing” (just like what was said on the video).

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. It wouldn’t hurt me to keep on giving it a try, as long as I don’t make my life depend on it.

However, I do want to update my wish list, so, in addition to what I have posted back then, I WILL have these:

“The Dangerous Book for Boys”
(by Gonn and Hal Iggulden)

PSP Slim (or PSP 3000 if it’s already released
by the time I’ll be able to get one)

Nintendo Wii

Canon EOS 5D with front grip
(Either this or the EOS 1Ds I’ve mentioned
in my original post by the end of 2009.
But I do want to have both.)

I WILL HAVE THIS by the end of 2009! Yes, ALL OF THEM, including those listed on my original post. (That’s what I forgot to include in my original post on this matter, a specific time frame as well as believing that I WILL have them instead of just “wishing” to have them… that’s probably why I haven’t gotten any of my wishes yet).


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