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Monday, September 22, 2008

Can't Believe It's Been THAT Long!

It’s been nearly two decades since I’ve last been to the Manila Zoo… it’s been so long ago that I couldn’t recognize anything at all when I took my son there last Saturday. One thing I was very much looking forward to see was the giraffe because my brother and I had our pictures taken there when we were little, and I would love to have my son’s picture taken there also. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any giraffe. I have no idea if there are really no more giraffes there anymore or we just missed it since we were kind of in a rush because we were already feeling hungry.

But, then again, Manila Zoo has undergone renovations in the past and I don’t know if the layout of the place has been modified. So, even if we have been able to see the giraffe(s) and have my son’s picture taken there, I’m pretty sure I’d be endlessly questioning myself if that’s where our photos were taken before.

Anyway, the zoo, as of last Saturday that is, is pretty clean and quite orderly. We weren’t able to get into the kinder zoo (a petting zoo of sorts) because of budgetary constraints… I believe it costs 100 pesos per person to get in there. Though, my son was lucky enough to have been able to get his hands on a python which I’m quite proud of… brave, brave kid. :)

My wife, my son and the shy (depressed?) elephant

My son and the python... brave kid... :) But then again, if he only knew
what snakes are capable of. Hahaha!


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