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Friday, July 11, 2008


Warning: This may contain materials not suited for minors, parental guidance is advised.

thong t-back g-string underwear pantiesA couple of months back, after seeing someone who was (quite obviously) wearing a thong underwear, my friend and I had a little discussion about women who wear those barely-there-garments. I’m pretty sure that some people would think of our conversation as “prejudistic”, so I won’t go into details with that. But, then, that conversation is what led me to write this. I hope that, with this, I can get a sizeable amount of comments/opinions and finally put this matter to rest. By the way, all mention of thongs from here on end are of the underwear variety and not the beachwear/swimwear ones.

Just to be sure that I don’t write anything really stupid, I tried digging for information on thongs on the World Wide Web. I wanted to know when it was “invented”, who it was that came up with the brilliant idea, and for what purpose it was originally created. By the way, I am pertaining to the thong in the form as we know and see it nowadays. If you’ve been watching a lot of Discovery and National Geographic channels’ programs, you must be aware that thong-like genital coverings are worn by both male and female members of many tribes in many remote regions of the world. And I think those “primitive” forms of genital coverings have a definite and practical purpose, which is simply to hide the genitals from plain view, period.

Anyway, in my digging, I found this:

“Many fashion historians believe that the thong first appeared in the 1939 World's Fair. New York Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia ordered the city's nude dancers to cover themselves and the thong was invented to just barely do the job.

Fashion designer, Rudi Gernreich has been credited with introducing the first thong bikini in 1974. Another reference states that thongs, originally called tangas, first hit the beaches of Brazil in 1977. (Source:”

Unfortunately, after reading that, I ended up having more questions than answers.

Some women claim that they wear thong underwear so that they won’t have panty seam lines showing through whatever they’re wearing. Some say that they wear thong underwear to give out the impression that they’re not wearing anything underneath.

I somewhat understand the first “reason”, however, I have heard a few women say that thongs are uncomfortable and it makes me wonder who would trade comfort for smoother and jiggly butt cheeks. Furthermore, I wonder, what is the main purpose/motive behind eliminating those seam lines anyway? To me, personally, seam lines are not a bit unsightly as others claim them to be, they can at times look really sexy, actually. Though it is pretty much dependent on who’s having four cheeks bulging out behind her.

The second one is much much easier to understand.

To avoid mentioning anything that may offend somebody out there, let me just end this here by asking all you women about the whys of wearing those minute pieces of undergarment. Feel free to enligten me! =)


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