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Friday, July 11, 2008

The Vanishing Photoshop Tutorial

Those of you who’s been here before may notice that the “LCD HDTV Photoshop Tutorial” is not available here anymore.

Well, a few weeks back, I discovered this fun website Just to give you a quick idea on what that website is all about, the site holds weekly Photoshop (chopping) contests and gives away prices (money and software) to the winners. In addition to the contests, the website accepts tutorial submissions and it pays a certain amount for every tutorial it accepts.

Anyway, going back to the tutorial in question, I took it off here and submitted it to And guess what, it got accepted, and I got paid US$15 for it! Actually, as of this moment, I already got two tutorials there.

If you want to see those tutorials, they are at:

How to Make a Realistic HD LCD TV in Photoshop from Scratch


Create and Aging Road Sign in Photoshop from Scratch


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