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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Browsing the Web with clumsy fingers may lead to the discovery of some inconspicuous/obscure websites.

How many times have you mistyped a website’s URL and ended up viewing a website other than the website you originally intended to visit?

Being clumsy with the keyboard, that has happened to me rather quite often would result to any one of these:
  1. a browser error saying that the URL cannot be found;
  2. getting redirected to a search engine/site of some sort, sometimes telling me that the URL I have entered is still “available”; or
  3. ending up on some website, the URL of which is entirely different from what I have (mis)typed which often have left me wondering how I got there (considering that the URL I have entered is non-existent).
Anyway, yesterday I had a slightly different experience. I was intending to go to, but my clumsy pinky dived for the “Enter” key before I was able to type in anything after the second “g”.

So, there I was, staring at my browser with on the browser’s URL/Address field.

I don’t know why, but I decided to let the browser finish loading whatever it was going to load with what I have entered. And to my surprise, after just a few seconds, something appeared. It was a website that had only three things, a Google search field, a button, and a joke. No links, no whatsoever. About the Google search field, the only indication that it is Google’s is that the button below it is labeled “Search Google”, and that’s it. I tried to check if it is really Google’s so I entered “goog” on the search field and clicked on the “Search Google” button, and sure enough, the page that came up on my browser screen was the first page of Google results for my search on “goog”.

I wondered what would happen if I clicked on the refresh button, so, I did just that… and every time I did a new joke appeared.

Check it out.

*Update* Just found out that there are only 31 jokes on and they are displayed in a fixed sequential order. Just thought I'd let you know. How I wish it had more.


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