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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Guess Who Wrote This...

Read this and try to guess who wrote it:


Now the black foul deed is out.

Absolute power—not just decree making power—but ABSOLUTE UNLIMITED POWER was after all the final objective.

This was the ultimate sordid plan after all.

Blacken Marcos. Destroy him with propaganda. Even having won the elections push him out from the beginning with charges of hidden wealth and massive fraud.

Falsehoods and fabrications to immobilize him from using the military power under him.

Simple scenario enough.

Then drive him out or kidnap him from Malacañang Palace, the seat of power.

Hidden wealth, torture, insurgency.

Thrive after grabbing power to steal both government and private wealth.

So today the unabated looting of both public and private wealth, each one pointing to the other as the culprit.

Looting by the rich and powerful. Looting by men in uniform. Looting by hoodlums. Looting by the poor.

For the dictator who is no less a looter protects her kind.

The dictator is in full control and the dictator has unsatiated appetite not only for private vengeance but for sheer viciousness and masochism--inflicting pain on others to soothe her poor troubled mind and conscience.

Cry my beloved people. So easily and quickly did we lose the freedom, justice and dignity or self respect for which so many millions of our lives had been sacrificed.

Now we must war again against the monster who imposes slavery anew.

Death, yes—perhaps.


I cry for my people and country.

Here's part of the original document, maybe you can recognize the handwriting:


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