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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Don’t Bite the Hand that Feeds You

One thing I NEVER do is to be rude or bossy whenever I’m in a restaurant.

Putting the saying “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” (cliché as it may be) into practice may do you a lot more good than to go “power tripping” and satisfy your egotistic demands.

How and why you ask? Let me cite an example, I heard this story from a former employee of a popular food chain…

In one of his shifts in manning the kitchen, a close friend of his (let’s call him Paul) was manning the sushi bar with another guy in which it was common practice for them (at that time) to go about their work bare handed.

A guy in long sleeves and tie, upon getting seated at the bar, suddenly blurted out at Paul and his crew mate asking “Naghugas ba kayo ng mga kamay niyo?!” (Did you wash your hands?!) Paul smiled at the guy and politely said that he did. Then, the guy blurted out again “Dapat nakagloves kayo!” (You should wear gloves!) and turned to his companion and mumbled some things about Paul and his crew mate.

Paul (who, by that time, was already fed up) smiled at the guy, left his post, and went into the kitchen.

As he entered the kitchen, Paul was grumbling angrily… “Gloves pala ha, sige, tingnan natin…” (You want us to use gloves eh? Let’s see…)

He got a pair of gloves, put them on, AND glided his hands (emphasis on HE HAD THE GOVES ON) in the sink and some sort of a drainage gutter on the floor before getting another pair of gloves (for his crew mate) and got back to his post.

I don’t know if he only used the gloves to serve that particular guy or if he wore them for his entire shift…


Wrong, (a resounding) YES… but hey, $hit happens.

That’s why (actually, even before I heard of this story) I try to be as polite as I can be (or, if possible, excessively so) whenever I’m at a restaurant (or in any other establishment for that matter). In addition to that, I am extra generous with “thank yous” whenever I ask/request for something from the restaurant’s crew.

It’s not hard at all to address a problem in a kind and polite manner. Besides, it’s your fellow human beings whom you are dealing with. Unless there are good reasons for you to blow your top off, or you’re suffering from some sort of superiority complex, there’s really no point in bossing people around. Don’t you agree?


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