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Thursday, August 21, 2008

DISQUS Commenting System

I’ve already mentioned about this on my “Shout Box” (Speak Your Mind), but, just to make this more noticeable to everyone, I’ll put this up here.

I had been looking around for things to add on to my blog and found something called “DISQUS” which, according to the testimonials posted on its website (, is great to have on any blog site.

From DISQUS’s website:

Disqus is a powerful comment system that easily enhances the discussion on websites.

In minutes, connect your community with those of over 25,000 other websites.

Track conversations across the web, plus bridge discussions with your favorite services such as FriendFeed and Plaxo.

Threaded replies reveal the conversations in your comments.

And now it's easier to keep the discussion alive with email and mobile replying.

Features such as ratings and video comments make comments interactive and expressive.

An intuitive admin section makes it easy to moderate the discussions from one or multiple websites.

Disqus is easy to customize, with widgets that lets your audience become your community.

With search engine-friendly plugins and complete data sync, Disqus is as safe to use as it is easy.

Why do people write more comments on sites using Disqus? It's because we believe that there's no difference between a great comment and a great blog post.

With greater control and commenter profiles, people feel good about taking the time to speak (or type) their minds.

So, I was convinced to try it out.

Unfortunately, by changing my commenting system to DISCUS, all existing comments on this here blog got wiped out. Well, not exactly…

I had been informed that I would lose all my existing comments if I decide to apply the new commenting system to all my posts (well, I think saying “hidden” would be more proper than “lost” really)… I had another option which was to put up the DISQUS commenting system only to new posts which would leave all the existing comments intact.

Well… I decided to have the new commenting system applied to all my posts for uniformity.

Having that said, I would like to thank all the wonderful people (all three of you, namely Jill, Tesha, and Carlota) for taking the time to comment on my entries. I appreciate them a whole great lot! With that, please accept my apologies for doing what I did… and please do not let this be a discouragement to you for commenting some more in the future. I will make it a point not to let this happen again for as long as DISQUS shall exist (which I hope will be for a very long time)… I think if it’s as good as they say it is, with only over 25,000 registered sites right now, it can only get better…

Now, I can only wait and see how good this DISQUS thing really is… you may want to help me out with that…


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