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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Finally, Closure...

It was about two years ago (I think) when I first heard the news from my wife's friend, Jen. I didn't believe her at that time because I have not read or heard anything about it anywhere.

What bothered me though was that, due to budgetary constraints, I have missed out on one of their CDs. I'm thinking now that that may have also been one of the reasons why I was having a hard time believing the sad news.

That was until tonight...

Earlier this evening, my wife and I were at SM City Manila having dinner. Since I had a little extra cash with me, I was thinking what I could buy myself. Then I remembered... that album I missed.

So, after dinner, I told my wife I wanted to go to Odyssey (the record bar). She told me to go ahead and she'll wait for me at Papemelroti.

I tried to look around the store for the album on my own. Then, I realized that I was already taking too much time so I asked the sales lady if they had it. Unfortunately, she told me they don't have it anymore.

Defeated, I got out of the store and met with my wife at the store she was in.

We were about to head for home when I remembered that there was another record bar inside the SM Department Store. Coincidentally, she also saw some Christmas wares that she wanted to check out.

I approached the sales lady and asked (again) if they had the album. She nodded almost instantly and hurriedly went to one of the racks behind her.

Then, she handed over to me a bunch of CDs...

I've already got this one...

this one too...

aaahhh... THIS ONE!

I took it out of its plastic cocoon as soon as I got home and popped it into the player.

Then I went online... to look for proof... for closure...

And this is what I found:

By Pablo Tariman
First Posted 12:42:00 02/05/2007

Filed Under: Arts, Culture & Entertainment
THE SAN MIGUEL Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorale are dead.

Late last month, instrumentalists of the only corporate-supported orchestra in the country were summoned one by one by the big bosses who informed them of the non-renewal of their contracts. Same thing happened to the members of the San Miguel Chorale.

Many of the orchestra and chorale members did not get separation pay. It’s not known what happened to Ryan Cayabyab, the executive and artistic director of the San Miguel Foundation for the Performing Arts.

Insiders say that San Miguel Corp., the biggest food and beverage company in Southeast Asia, was “more inclined” to support basketball. San Miguel has four basketball teams in the professional league - San Miguel, Ginebra, Coca-cola and Purefoods.

The latest income statement by San Miguel shows the conglomerate in the utmost pink of health. In November, it reported that its nine-month net income grew 18 percent, to P6.17 billion from P5.22 billion in the same period last year, boosted by its strong local and international beer operations and strong sales by its Australian dairy unit, National Foods Ltd.

Both founded in 2001, the highly promising San Miguel Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorale were suddenly disbanded while no one was looking. No one is expected to drink to that.

It's on Track 9 now... just wonderful.

The organization may now be gone, but I'm sure the men and women that comprised it are still very much around. You people are the best! If any one of you guys happen to drop by here, please do leave a word or two. I'd very much like to hear from you.


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