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Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Day to Remember

I wrote this yesterday while earnestly waiting and hoping for the rain to stop...

Tropical Storm Ondoy (International Code Name Ketsana)

It kept raining last night up to the early hours of this morning, but there wasn’t anything about it that could have warned us of what was to come today.

Heavy rain started to fall at around 9:30 am or so (I was already at the office at the time) and I thought it would last for only a brief moment as rain as hard as that usually does. But I was wrong… very wrong. It lasted for more than six hours non-stop.

It was my first time to see rain falling as hard as that last that long.

I have been told that there’s a section in Araneta Avenue where all the cars left on the street were submerged and that only their roofs were showing!

Sadly, our house was not spared. It’s currently flooded inside to almost knee deep."

Well, the water inside our house would rise to about a meter deep after I wrote that. To see a more detailed version of this entry, please go to my other blog.

Anyway, here are some photos that my good friends Joy Cuales and Francis Casupanan took yesterday. These photos are all taken at the EDSA-Quezon Avenue Area.


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