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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Missing the Little Button

It’s been a long while since my last post and it feels really good to be able to put up something new.

What have I been up to? Well, life, basically. As the cliché goes, so much to do, so little time. Actually, the idea for this post came to me by accident. I was doing some “spring cleaning” on my hard drive and saw some of my old photographs (at least about 3 years old) and thought it’d be nice to post them here.

I was (and still am) a photography junky. I’ve enrolled myself in informal photography classes, joined a camera club, attended photography seminars, joined competitions, and spent rolls upon rolls of film capturing almost anything and everything around me.

Roll film you ask? You’re probably also wondering how old I am. Well, my age can still be found on the calendar.

I got into photography when digital photography was still a toddler. And, I thought, if I wanted to learn REAL photography, I had to start from the very basic. So, I bought myself a manual camera (where the light meter was the only thing that is battery operated), and, as I’ve already mentioned, I attended short photography courses where I was taught about shutter speeds, aperture settings, composition, and all that jazz. I also learned how to process black and white films there by the way, however, I don’t know if I still can do it now.

I got quite obsessed with the olden ways that I researched tirelessly about “alternative processing” techniques, primarily platinum/palladium printing. I even got in touch with somebody who is knowledgeable in that. However, when he stressed to me the amount of time I should devote to doing platinum/palladium prints, not to mention the amount of money I needed to shell out, I gave up the idea. Though, I’m still holding to it in my mind and heart that perhaps, just perhaps, an opportunity to try it out will someday come knocking at my door.

Anyway, I laid down my camera a couple of years back when more important things began eating away my spare time and change. How I miss pressing that little button on top and run excitedly to the processing center. Sigh.

Anyway, below are some photographs which I took at a zoo some years back. These were shot on 35mm negative film with my cheap-but-trusty manual camera.

Fly on a soda bottle
A mouse deer on its food
Three owls
A Sulcata tortoise

Fly atop a soda bottle

Flies feeding on the wild boar’s leftovers as the boar sleeps

A majestic lion, king of the jungle


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